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On ARTISTRY, Fridays at 5pm MTN time, Janine had a great listening session with sound artist VYCE, of Los Angeles, California. Each listened to the other's music and commented. To hear the show, click HERE


The artistry of “Vyce” belongs to the visions of an American singer/songwriter primarily based around the dark enigmatic sounds of new R&B and Soul. The tinted nature of his music is made with the intent to display the inner thoughts of the subconscious mind, touching upon past relationships, moody sounds and dreary moments that come and go. At only 19 years old, the young up and coming artist is determined to consistently express his musicianship through a sea of new artists by producing/mixing/mastering and engineering all of his current tracks released today.

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  • Maria Watkins (Sunday, March 17 19 11:24 am EDT)

    Oldies on Sunday - dedication to Fransisco Valle from Pomona Ca.
    I love you baby.....dedication song Seatching for my baby......from Maria Watkins

  • Frank (Sunday, March 03 19 11:15 am EST)

    I listen to oldies

  • DAVINO (Wednesday, February 06 19 09:22 pm EST)

    Right on Helena. Lovin the tunes

  • N.A.T.O. Williams (Thursday, January 31 19 12:17 am EST)

    Was wondering how I go about sending in music

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