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My VS Radio.  Internet Radio 24/7. Unique Genres. Freeform. Real. 

Featured Live Shows 2019

             Enjoy listening to these live programs. 1- 2 hour shows 8AM-8PM Mountain Time. 



My VS Radio Online is  Freeform Internet Radio. Live personalities are well-versed and experts in their genres and carefully screen the quality and artistry of each and every song or story presented. Programming is directed at the eclectic and worldly listener who loves thoughtful and creative diversity.  ENJOY


Wondering What the VS stands for? It stands for VALIDATION STATION where YOUR love for eclectic artists, events and artistic activities is completely validated!


Here's an exciting and hopefully enticing invitation for lovers of Jazz! Soul! Oldies! Rock! Interactive Opinion Shows! ...and much more.
My VS Radio .online has arrived and we have a local and national family of artists, musicians, event promotors and best of all: FREEFORM on air hosts who are fun, funny and very knowledgable in their specific genre. Internet Radio. iRadio. At it's Best!


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