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2020 Winter Schedule

for My VS Radio

Mtn Time


10 am - Noon- Doo Wop  (Curated)

Noon - 1pm Comedy

1pm-3pm Blues and Soul (Curated)

3pm-5pm Funk (Curated)

5pm-6pm Discourse Radio with Bailey

6pm-7pm AUTO MIX (this spot available for new hosts)

7pm-10pm Jazz (Curated)

….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix!)



10am-noon  Jazz (Curated)

Noon - 1pm Comedy

1pm-2pm AUTO MIX (this spot available for new hosts)

2pm-4pm Classic R&B/Soul (Curated)

4pm-6pm Classic Rock (Curated)

6pm-8pm Blues (Curated)

 ….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix)




10am-Noon Jazz

Noon-1pm Comedy

1pm-2pm What’s New? Jazz and Crossover Releases with

  Janine Santana

2pm-6pm TUESDAY AUTO (this spot available for new

  hosts in increments of 1-2 hours)

6pm-8pm Radio Free Dave

….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix!)




10am-Noon Jazz (Curated)

Noon-1pm Comedy

1pm-2pm Classic Rock (Curated)

2pm-3pm Savage Radio with Chuck Savage 

3pm-5pm WEDNESDAY AUTO (this spot available for new


5pm-6pm The Message with Taza Torres

6pm-9pm WEDNESDAY AUTO (this spot available for new


….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix!)




10am-11am encore: Blues

11am-noon Encore What’s New? With Janine Santana

Noon-1pm Comedy

1pm-2pm encore: (Africa)

2pm-4pm encore: Da House Party with Sherryl Underwood

4pm-5pm encore: The Message With Taza Torres

5pm-7pm encore: Radio Free Dave

7pm-9pm encore: Doo Wop.

9pm-11pm encore: Savage Radio & Savage Connection with

  Chuck Savage

….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix!)



10am-noon Jazz (Curated)

Noon-1pm Comedy

1pm-2pm Classic Rock (Curated)

2pm-3pm Friday Savage Connection with Chuck Savage

3pm-5pm FRIDAY’S AUTO MIX (this spot available for new


5pm-6pm Specialty Game Shows WIN PRIZES! Watch our social

  media for info.

6pm-7pm FRIDAY’S AUTO MIX (this spot available for new


7pm-8pm FRIDAY’S AUTO MIX (this spot available for new


8pm-9pm Electronic / House Music (Curated)

9pm-10pm Moonrock O’Clock EDM with David

….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix!)



10am-Noon Jazz (Curated)

Noon-1pm Comedy

1pm-3pm Africa (Curated)

3pm-5pm Da House Party with Sheryl Underwood (Hip Hop)

5pm-7pm World Music (Curated)

7pm-8pm Blues (Curated)

….OVERNIGHT (wonderful, eclectic mix!)

Overnight music is a wonderful eclectic mix of Jazz, Latin Jazz, World Music, Soul, Funk and Classic R&B

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